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  • Installing the plugin
    • Simply extract the Spray Manager zip and copy the plugin & translation folders over to your addons/sourcemod folder.
    • Edit your configs/databases.cfg file to include your configuration for 'spraytracker'. The plugin will create the table required for logging sprays.
    • Set the convar "spray_url 'http://yoursite.com/spraymanager/spray.php?spray={SPRAY}&id={STEAMID}'" in your server config file, but change the URL to suit your setup.
  • Installing the web panel
    • The web panel requires you have your own webserver running the same server as your game server and on which you can install/can use Imagemagick (commandline) & DevIL Image Library.
    • For linux, you need to compile vtfconv with the DevIL library, to do this just run the compile file which is included within the package.
    • Extract the web panel to a suitable folder on your web server E.G. 'http://yoursite.com/spraymanager/.
    • Edit the settings in index.php to include your MySQL settings for the same database as the plugin, edit the paths for grabbing spray files.